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The Director of Human Resources is responsible for maintaining the manual of personnel policies approved by proper authorities. Future revisions of existing personnel policies or the development of new policies may be proposed by University personnel.

Copies of policies affecting staff employees will be submitted to the Director of Human Resources. Policies affecting faculty employees will be submitted directly to the President by the Faculty Senate for appropriate administrative review. However, in accordance with Section 12.2.c. of the Morehead State University Board of Regents By-Laws, the President of the University is responsible "to develop rules and regulations as are necessary to carry out the purposes expressed herein;" therefore, the President may modify, suspend, or develop personnel policies as the President deems such modification, suspension of policy, or development of new policy to be in the best interest of the University, subject to the Board of Regents' ratification at the next regularly scheduled Board of Regents meeting. Policies favorably acted upon will be included in the policy manual when they become effective.


The manual on personnel policies is divided into five sections. The first section is on general personnel policies that apply to various classifications of faculty and staff members. specified otherwise, each policy in this section applies to all classification categories of faculty and staff members. The policy symbol for general policies is PG.

Four additional sections contain policies specific to a particular classification category as follows:

  • Academics: PAc
  • Administrative: PAd
  • Staff Exempt: PSE
  • Staff Non-Exempt: PSNE

Definitions of the categories of the classification are found in Policy PG-2.

  • PAd-1 Position Responsibility
  • PAd-2 Vacation SUPERSEDED (See PG-48)
  • PAd-3 Sick Leave SUPERSEDED (See PG-49)
  • PAd-4 Weather or Travel Absences SUPERSEDED (See PG-51)
  • PAd-5 Search and Screening Procedures for Senior-Level Non-Academic Administrative Personnel
  • PAd-6 Extra Compensation
  • PAd-7 Suspension With or Without Pay
  • PAd-8 Search and Screening Procedures for Senior-Level Academic Administrative Personnel

  • PAc-1 Definition of Academic Titles
  • PAc-2 Promotion to Professor
  • PAc-3 Emeritus Status for Faculty
  • PAc-4 Sick Leave SUPERSEDED (See PG-49)
  • PAc-5 Consulting
  • PAc-6 Membership on Graduate Faculty
  • PAc-7 Teaching Load Expectations SUPERSEDED (See PAc-29)
  • PAc-8 Faculty Attendance Responsibilities-Office Hours and Classes SUPERSEDED (See PAc-29)
  • PAc-9 Faculty Attendance Responsibilities--Commencement SUPERSEDED (See PAc-29)
  • PAc-10 Extraordinary Faculty Compensation
  • PAc-11 Faculty Research
  • PAc-12 Professional Ethics
  • PAc-14 Academic Freedom and Responsibility
  • PAc-15 Time and Effort Reporting
  • PAc-16 Support for Editorships of Journals and Offices Held in Professional Organizations
  • PAc-17 Sabbatical Leave of Absence
  • PAc-18 Faculty Rights and Responsibilities
  • PAc-19 Faculty Attendance at Faculty Meetings SUPERSEDED (See PAc-29)
  • PAc-20 Vacation Leave for Faculty Members on Twelve Month Appointments SUPERSEDED (See PG-48)
  • PAc-21 Salary Increase Upon Promotion in Rank
  • PAc-22 Disciplinary Actions
  • PAc-23 Compensation Determination for Reassigned Administrators
  • PAc-24 Compensation and Faculty Assignment of Administrators Holding Rank
  • PAc-25 Retired Faculty and Academic Administrators Re-Employment Program SUPERSEDED (See PG-57)
  • PAc-26 Termination of Faculty for Cause, Financial Exigency, and Discontinuance of Program
  • PAc-27 Tenure Review and Reappointment
  • PAc-28 Educational Leave of Absence
  • PAc-29 Faculty Workload
  • PAc-30 Performance-Based Compensation Plan for Faculty
  • PAc-31 Professional Librarians
  • PAc-32 Misconduct in Research
  • PAc-34 Alternative Career-Track Faculty
  • PAc-35 Faculty Evaluation Plans

  • PSE-1 Position Responsibility
  • PSE-2 Probationary Period for Employees Classified as Staff Exempt
  • PSE-3 Vacation Leave for Staff Exempt Employees SUPERSEDED (See PG-48)
  • PSE-4 Sick Leave SUPERSEDED (See PG-49)
  • PSE-5 Weather or Travel Absences SUPERSEDED (See PG-51)
  • PSE-6 Layoff and Recall from Layoff SUPERSEDED (See PG-58)
  • PSE-7 Discipline and Dismissal
  • PSE-8 Staff Appeal Procedure
  • PSE-9 Orientation of New Staff
  • PSE-10 Training and Development for Staff Members
  • PSE-11 Extra Compensation

  • PSNE-1 Work Schedules
  • PSNE-2 Probationary Period for Employees Classified as Staff Nonexempt
  • PSNE-3 Vacation Leave for Staff Nonexempt Employees SUPERSEDED (See PG-48)
  • PSNE-4 Sick Leave SUPERSEDED (See PG-49)
  • PSNE-5 Overtime Pay for Employees Classified as Staff Nonexempt
  • PSNE-6 Weather or Travel Absences SUPERSEDED (See PG-51)
  • PSNE-7 Layoff and Recall from Layoff SUPERSEDED (See PG-58)
  • PSNE-8 Discipline and Dismissal
  • PSNE-9 Staff Appeal Procedure
  • PSNE-10 Orientation of New Staff
  • PSNE-11 Training and Development

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